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About Us

Mission Statement
We at Armu Logistics improve asset usage through transparent access to pertinent information and improved communication channels between stakeholders.
The goal of Armu Logistics is to provide platforms that enable our customers and employees to optimise the usage of assets.
  • Truck, heavy machinery and even fleet owners will have their assets permanently working for them
  • Processing, storage and other value addition providers will see their assets constantly utilized by customers in their catchment area
  • Farmers, processors and other stakeholders will not have to worry about current information on prices of commodities as this will be available to them
Armu Logistics provides two levels of services
  • The Armu Logistics platform which give access to information on available services and where users can post availability of their assets for the broader market to bid on
  • A competent team to manage your asset for you to ensure you get a hassle free return on your asset, while we manage the administrative details